Preventive Maintenance

Here at Enter The Cool Zone, we take air conditioning maintenance seriously. With our Residential Preventive Maintenance Agreement, you can rest easy knowing that our professional service team will keep your system running at peak performance year round. We will come out twice per year (spring and fall) to inspect your system and perform factory recommended procedures to keep your system safe and efficient.
Just like your automobile, your home comfort system needs regular maintenance. Your car may run great, but without an inexpensive oil change periodically, you could face some very costly repairs. The same is true with your air conditioning system. Periodic inspections and tune ups will prolong its' life and ensure your system is working at optimum efficiency. (Low electric bills)
One of the leading causes of air conditioning break downs, poor performance, and reduced efficiency from your system is inadequate maintenance. If you allow your air filter and air conditioning coils to become dirty, the air conditioning system will not cool properly, and the compressor and/or fans are likely to fail prematurely. Air conditioner electrical controls, filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function efficiently and effectively throughout its service life.
Neglecting necessary regular maintenance of your cooling and heating system will ensure a steady decline in your systems performance while energy use steadily increases.

With an All Year Cooling and Heating Residential Preventive Maintenance Agreement you will receive the following benefits and services:

We provide a great package for preventive maintenance agreements.

Get full preventive maintenance on 1 system for a low price. Maintenance includes:

Flush drain line
Install new filter
Lubricate all moving parts (if applicable)
Complete electronic diagnose
Add up to 1lb or refrigerant included in price
Refrigerant leak test on general areas
Replace exposed insulation on condenser copper lines if needed
Adjust or calibrate thermostat
Balance air at diffusers
Light rinse coil with odor control and coil cleaner
Test heat and performance of cool mode
Add algaecide tablets to drain pan
Duct inspection for growth and debris with micro camera.
Full assessment on structure and efficiency
All belts adjusted where applicable
Hours of operation
Office is open Monday thru Friday 7:00am 5:00pm,
Emergency service is open 24/7 except Sunday morning between 7:00am 1:30pm
We accept checks and all major credit cards.