UV Ligth is an effective means of chemical-free germicidal disinfection with these benefits:
*Cleaner HVAC System
*Reduced Maintenance
*Energy Savings
*Improved Indoor Air Quality
*Reduced Airborne Infection
*Chemical-Free Disinfection
UV Light Kills Germs on Surfaces & in the Air
For over a century scientist have known of the germ-killing properties of ultraviolet light. The antimicrobial power of UV light is used in water treatment facilities, in the food industry, and in hospitals where it is used to clean the air and reduce the threat of airborne infection as well as to disinfect surfaces and surgical instruments. Today this powerful disinfecting technology is available for our homes and businesses resulting in healthier, safer, indoor environments.
A Cleaner Air Handler
Installation of a germicidal UV light inside the air handler inhibits the growth of mold there which saves energy by allowing the system to operate more efficiently. A cleaner system also requires less maintenance.
Germs in the Air You Breathe
Like it or not the indoor air you breathe has a lot of stuff in it that you donít want. Like viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and allergens. Some are only annoying, others can make you sick. Because air passes repeatedly through your HVAC system (in fact many microbes like the cool dark damp interior of the system) this is the ideal place for germs to multiply and spread throughout the house
A Whole-House UV Air Purifier - The Best Defense
Because it works inside your central air system a whole-house UV air purifier is able to intercept airborne pathogens and destroy them as they pass by. As air cycles through the system it passes by the UV light many times exposing and re-exposing airborne microbes to it's sterilizing effect. this has proven to be a safe, economical, chemical-free way to significantly reduce airborne contaminants indoors.
Cooling coils with mold growth Cooling coils cleaned with UV
Allow one of our comfort specialist help you select the best purification system for your home or office. With the wide variety of purification systems we offer, you can rest assure we have just the right system that will give you optimum performance with your current Heating and Cooling application.
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